The abundance of waterfalls in the Jocassee Gorge region can be attributed to several factors including the hardness of the rock in the area. Another factor is the presence of a plateau area in between the highest part of the mountain range and the rapid decrease in elevation – the Blue Ridge Escarpment – around the South Carolina border. The plateau area allows the rivers to gain volume from the numerous creeks and streams that feed into them. This brings us to another factor, the unusually high rainfall in the area – 80 inches per year – which feeds the creeks and streams which feed the rivers and so on and so forth. There are many waterfalls to explore either by hiking or by boat. They are:

  • Horsepasture River Falls
  • Twin Falls
  • White Owl
  • High Falls
  • Big Falls
  • Whitewater Falls- a 411 foot drop!
  • Laurel Fork Falls- reachable only by boat

And many many more for you to discover!