Trout Stocking Report

Rainbow Trout

Weekly Trout Stocking Report – Upstate South Carolina Weekly Trout Stocking Summary April 14, 2017 through April 20, 2017: Day River / Lake Friday 4/14 Big and Eastatoee, Lake Hartwell tailwaters Saturday 4/15 Sunday 4/16 Monday 4/17 Chauga, Brasstown Creek Tuesday 4/18 South Saluda Wednesday 4/19 Chattooga Thursday 4/20 Big and Little Eastatoee, Little Canebrake, Rocky Bottom Note: A total of 6,417 trout were stocked during the time period. For questions regarding the trout stocking program, please call Dan Rankin at 864-654-6346. For information on trout stocking in the lower…

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Stunning Waterfalls!

Stunning Waterfalls Incredible Views and Waterfalls! Some of the finest attributes of the Jocassee Gorges, Upland South Carolina and Southern North Carolina are the  number of beautiful, stunning waterfalls. Lake Jocassee boasts 4 major waterfalls and multiple smaller falls well worth the time to venture to. Most of these falls can only be accessed by boat, so if you do not have transportation you may want to check out renting a pontoon for a few hours! Whitewater Falls finds a home in Lake Jocassee, while Wright’s Creek Falls can actually…

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Summer Fun on Lake Jocassee 2015

Summer Fun on Lake Jocassee!

Summer on Lake Jocassee Life on Lake Jocassee in Upstate South Carolina during summer is hard to beat! Come experience the ‘Secret Garden’ featured in National Geographic in 2013 as one of the top 50 ‘Secret’ destinations in the world, these crystal clear, and  pristine waters offer the best of what summer escapes have to offer. These photos of watery fun in the sun were taken in 2015 and as you can see, when the heat is on, being in Upstate South Carolina on Lake Jocassee (or her nearby sister…

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Laurel Fork Falls – Gem of Jocassee

Laurel Fork Falls is an 80-foot high, three tiered waterfall located at the head of a narrow cove at the northeastern tip of Lake Jocassee and to many is considered the Gem of Jocassee… the Grand Finale, as it were. It is best reached by a boat launched at the Devil’s Fork State Park main boat ramp. Once you navigate into Laurel Fork Creek cove and catch the initial view of the falls, carefully enter the crescent-shaped grotto located to the right of the rock face. While narrow and often…

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Jocassee Gorges – A Brief History

The Jocassee Gorges area was once home to the part of the Cherokee Nation; it now lies 300 feet (91 m) beneath the surface of the lake, near the Toxaway River. Nearby Keowee Town was a major hub in the Cherokee Path that connected Cherokee towns and villages throughout the area. Early 18th century traders delivered as many as 200,000 deerskins annually to Charleston, South Carolina and local Indians became well supplied with European firearms, ammunition, tools and clothing as a result. However, mounting discord between Europeans and Cherokees led…

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Welcome To My World and what lives in and around it!! This is my first Official article!! I’m soo excited that I just want to go in six directions all at one time! I’m not going to try and bore you with too many details of who I am and what I do right now, because most of the folks that are reading have had some dealings with me in someway… However, just to put to your mind some of who I am… I own and operate one of the…

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