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Your Hostess, Stephanie Couch
Your Hostess, Stephanie Couch
Welcome To My World and what lives in and around it!!

This is my first Official article!! I’m soo excited that I just want to go in six directions all at one time!

I’m not going to try and bore you with too many details of who I am and what I do right now, because most of the folks that are reading have had some dealings with me in someway…

However, just to put to your mind some of who I am… I own and operate one of the longest established, single owner businesses on Lakes Jocassee (which is my passion) and Lake Keowee for 26 years. I have learned an immense amount; but everyday is still new and holds exciting experiences that leave me saying “ I’ve never seen that before!”.

It is my Life, My Love and My Passion to work on theses Lakes…to operate my business; to watch the smiling faces on peoples faces as they get a glimpse of the magic that these lakes hold and the memories that they get to take away with them.

If you’re anything like me, then you are questioning why did I wait so long to put in print what I feel, see, learn and experience and what cool things are going on around here. That’s a great question, and I guess I would have to say that it is just well past time. So with that, I invite you to come on a journey with me to experience something cool, different new or maybe something that will get you to say “Hey, I didn’t know that”…or “Oh Wow, I learned something more then I knew”. It is my wish for you to look forward to learning about an area that never seems to run out of new things to discover.

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