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Recreation | Lake Jocassee


Lake Jocassee is a popular recreation area surrounded by mountains and waterfalls.The lakes Jocassee and Keowee get their source waters from the Toxaway, Whitewater and Thompson Rivers and a number of lesser streams, some of which cascade directly into the basin of Jocassee. That is why Lake Jocassee offers some of the best opportunities to catch trout and smallmouth bass, and many other fish species that other South Carolina Lakes don’t have. Lake Jocassee is a relatively cool warm-monomictic reservoir. It supports a “two-story” fishery with warmwater fishes in the shallows and rainbow and brown trout in the cooler hypolimnetic waters.

Other recreational sports include whitewater rafting, swimming at the beautiful pristine beaches, and boating in either a pontoon or motor boat. Whatever your favorite sport is, Lake Jocassee is bound to fill your passion.