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Boat Rentals/Tours

Pontoon Rentals for your convenience!
See all Lake Jocassee has to offer with a pontoon rental! Waterfalls, water sports, wildlife… enjoy it all on beautiful Lake Jocassee!

Pontoon Boat Rentals

by Jocassee-Keowee Rentals LLC

Want to take in all that the lake has to offer?  Want easy access to the gorgeous waterfalls? Pontoon Rentals are available for your convenience and to enhance your visit to Upstate South Carolina!

We rent pontoon boats:

  • Half Day
  • Day
  • Weekend
  • Week

Note: Minimum weekday rental is 4 hours.

Maximum Capacity: 10-12 (dependent on boat size/availability).

Life vests for children 12 and under are provided. Adult Life Vests (other than standard orange vests, which are provided) available on request.

Pontoon Boat Features

Our fleet of pontoons include:

  • 22 to 28 feet long
  • Reliable and easy to use 4 stroke engines
  • Bemini tops for comfort and shade
  • Swim ladder
  • Stereo
  • Map of the lake
  • Complete safety equipment

Pontoon Rental Prices

  1. Our prices vary depending on the size of the pontoon, length of time for the rental and day of the week.
  2. The cost of the fuel used during the rental shall be added to the overall fee.
  3. Damage incurred during a rental shall be assessed and repair fees/parts replacement added to the final cost.
  4. While we do allow pets/dogs on board, if excess shedding or damage to the boat is incurred as a result of the pet cleaning costs shall be added to the final costs.
Pontoons – 22 ft.

4 Hour Rentals

Weekday: $200 Weekend: $245 Holiday: $265
Pontoons – 22 ft.

8 Hour Rentals

Weekday: $275 Weekend: $300 Holiday: $325
Pontoons – 24+ ft.

4 Hour Rentals

Weekday: $235 Weekend: $295 Holiday: $325
Pontoons – 24+ ft.

8 Hour Rentals

Weekday: $295 Weekend: $345 Holiday: $395

Guided Tours

Guided Waterfall Tours on Lake Jocassee, Upstate South Carolina

Want to take in all that the lake has to offer and not worry about who’s doing the driving?  Invite Stephanie to go on the trip with you! Guided Tours take the stress off trying to find your way around the lake, and Stephanie has over 2 decades experience and knowledge of the area. During summer when the water is warm she may even show off her cliff jumping skills!

Come take in a day on the lake or a sunset cruise with Stephanie at the helm. We offer a few variations to make your time on the lake a special experience.

Professional Photographer / Author Al Ward will be happy to come along to document your special day. This is something you will not find with our competitors.

Photography Fee includes edits of the best photos (up to 10 edits) and a flash drive of the entire experience. See below for Photographer Fees.


Tours are not offered on Holiday Weekends.


Guided Tours

(4-5 Hours)

Weekday : $350 Weekend : $ 395
 Meal Tours

(4-5 Hours)

 Cold Sandwiches Meal: Add $10 per person to Weekday Rate  Burgers Meal: Add $12 per person to Weekend Rate
 Sunset Tour (2+Hours)  Weekday : $275  Weekend : $325 (Check for availability)
 Sunset Tour with Cheese/Wine

(2+ Hours)

 Weekday: $350  Weekend: $375 (Check for Availability)

We’ll Meet You There!

Unique to our rentals is that we will meet you at the Lake Jocassee or Lake Keowee landing, launch your boat, go over operation and safety equipment, and pick up the boat at your arrival back at the landing. Rentals are available from 8:00 am to 7:30 pm.


All pontoons come with full safety equipment including:

  • Life jackets
  • Horn
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Oar

For safety reasons, we do not allow or furnish barbecue grills on the pontoons.

Available On Request

The following items are available at an extra charge:

  • Ice chests
  • Porta-potti
  • Fishing tackle

Contact Stephanie for additional information.

Also Consider

Guided Tours

Would you rather have someone show you the lake; take you to the best places? Check out our guided tours.

Canoe Rentals

We also have canoes for rent; ask about our special canoe rental rates when rented with a pontoon boat.

Click here for Canoe and Kayak rental information

Need something else? Use our Contact Us page.