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Waterfalls on Lake Jocassee | Lake Jocassee

Stunning Waterfalls!

Stunning Waterfalls


Incredible Views and Waterfalls!

Some of the finest attributes of the Jocassee Gorges, Upland South Carolina and Southern North Carolina are the  number of beautiful, stunning waterfalls. Lake Jocassee boasts 4 major waterfalls and multiple smaller falls well worth the time to venture to. Most of these falls can only be accessed by boat, so if you do not have transportation you may want to check out renting a pontoon for a few hours!

Whitewater Falls finds a home in Lake Jocassee, while Wright’s Creek Falls can actually be swam into and walked behind while you enjoy its stunning cove, a great place to swim and/or fish when water levels are close to full pond. At Mill Creek Falls you can drive the boat right to the falls themselves and, if on a pontoon, can actually splash in the falls from the boat! Laurel Creek Falls is the capping glory of Lake Jocassee… well worth leaving for last as this particular waterfall will leave lasting and cherished memories.

Many of the falls on Lake Jocassee are unnamed — or unofficially named — smaller falls, found at the end of coves on the northern half of the lake. Wrights Creek Falls has two sections, the lower of which plunges directly into the lake at high water levels. At lower water levels, you can tie off your boat and walk behind the falls.  Mill Creek, Whitewater and Wright’s Creek Falls can only be accessed by boat: Laurel Fork can be accessed via boat or the Foothills Trail.

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